November 1, 2013

01 Nov

I got the uploading to work all right. I’m not sure what the issue was, but I just carefully went back and cleaned things up and made sure all the right procedures were used, and it works now so I must have missed something in the list originally.

So I whipped the old friesian mane and tail on pretty much directly from the old model just to have something nice to look at (though I have no plans on keeping it, particularly) and put the model on my site in the pasture if anyone wants to have a look.

He currently does not have separate eyes, which will come with the avatar build, or much of anything other than geometry, hair, and texture. I’ll add the feathers to the hooves later.

This is the highest resolution version which is meant to be used for the avatar. I will probably make a lower res version to stand in pastures and so forth because once all has been said and done, the LI rating is around 300. I love how the estimator is completely off about that in the uploader, but I guess there are just so many variables you can’t know until it’s standing on the SL ground.

So, on to the skinning for avatar purposes 🙂

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