January 17, 2013

17 Jan

The model is rigged and painted and uploads to SL with no issues except for one. While the model is recognizably close to how I built it, the proportions are slightly skewed, such as a longer neck, smaller head, shorter back. I’m checking to see if that’s something to do with the SL avatar dials being out of whack for the model, or if I need to pull a few joints around in Maya. Technically it could work right now and look pretty good, but I think you all know how much I want stuff to look just right 🙂

Once I have it tweaked to look the way I like it, then I’m back to the animations. Fingers crossed that this process won’t take more than a couple of more weeks… but we shall see.

ADDED: I found the problem. The SL skeleton for Maya provided by Reed Steamroller is set up for the female bodytype. The avatar looks perfect if I am toggled to a female avatar, with parameters to default.

However, I can imagine that people might want to be toggled to Male if they want to be a male avatar. I don’t know what real difference it would make, other than it seems sensible to have the male Friesian look correct on a Male armature settings. I’ll look into this: if I can find a male skeleton for Maya I’ll just rerig it real fast, or if it turns out that it really doesn’t make any problems to be toggled to female, I just won’t make a big deal out of it.

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