January 22, 2013

22 Jan

It seems that most people just use avatars set to the female skeleton settings, so I’ll do the same for the time being. Maybe I’ll change it someday if it seems important but I can’t find a really good reason for it.

I’m working on animations, and hit a few snags. Building animations has always been pretty easy for me when working with Poser and the SL human figure, but it’s different when using your own mesh with offset joints. I am able to easily make animations for it in Maya and export in .anim format; you would think this is great, because SL uses .anim files, right?

Not so fast. When I import .anim files to SL, it doesn’t ask me for things like ease in/out, priorities, etc. From what I’ve read in the forums, you are able to tweak .anim files more completely than .bvh, but you certainly can’t do it during the import process. I assume that means you have to tweak the actual raw file, and I can learn to do that if I have to. First though, I looked for .anim editors on the web, and looked at third party methods of tweaking the stuff.

So far nothing has been compatible with the Maya files. It seems that the Maya .anim and the SL .anim might not be so identical after all, or perhaps they are, but the third party editors just can’t understand them for some other reason.

At this point I’m looking for the simplest way to edit my animations from Maya, but if necessary, I will do what I have to in order to create animations in another program such as Blender/Avastar which will export the file for SL use. It would just be nice to continue to work in Maya if I can.

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