January 23, 2013

23 Jan

So, for DAYS and MANY HOURS of trying to get file converters, other programs to import into, and all kindsa other crapola, I finally got the animations to import.

Just plain using the .BVH/Maya plugin, but changing the name of the mPelvis joint on the model to ‘hip’.

That’s it. Srsly.

I’m a bit annoyed though because it’s a counterintuitive thing to do, renaming your joint heirarchy. If I did that and tried to upload the skeleton, it would fail because the skeleton has to be named in a very specific way. But whatevs. It works. Learned a lot. I can stop ripping my hair out now and proceed to make tons of animations.

Still, I’d love it if Maya .anim files would be useable, given their flexibility… perhaps someday someone will make a converter.

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