February 8, 2013

08 Feb

It’s frustrating to be so close to just finishing, but to keep tripping over issues.

I set up a simple AO HUD, which has helped in testing, and has made it easier to clean up all the animations that are being overlapped at once. That alone has made the animations more accurate, but that was only part of the problem.

The other issue seems to be a dislike of rotation information coming from a Maya animation. It’s not totally missing, just greatly reduced. So for instance, if I have a leg pawing the ground, the curve of the foot bending backward is very weak in SL, though it works perfectly in Maya.

I may be missing something obvious, which happens from time to time, and I will be the first to admit that I don’t animate in Maya much, so I might have ignored something in the setup. I’m finding out how to deal with that now. I -hope- it’s not the BVH exporter, because I don’t have any choice in which one of those I can use (there’s basically only one.) I wish I had a .anim exporter that worked for SL, so I could test to see if the format or exporter is the issue. For now I have to just try other things, and if nothing else works, I’ll have to infer that it’s the exporter.

As soon as I get this solved, it really won’t take me long at all to whip out the animations. I hate holdups.

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