February 27, 2013

27 Feb

So yes! I’ve been fighting this issue with the hip almost daily, for hours every day. I’ve tried changing things in Maya, trying different pipelines to get to SL, you name it. While I have learned MUCH, the issue is not solved.

Because I will probably have to do the final animation export in .anim anyway (in order to animate the ears and such), I have decided to bite the bullet and learn Blender/Avastar. As far as I know, it’s the only sane way to fiddle with the .anim format from Maya, that is also designed to export to SL, and it’s my hope it will help me unravel the hip animation problem.

The thing is, I do not do well with Blender. The tools and UI are very unfriendly to my brain, and on top of that, are especially unfriendly to laptops which is all I have. There’s nothing for it but to just commit more time I didn’t expect to the project. I’m chatting with the Avastar folks about the Maya-Avastar/Blender-SL pipeline now, and hopefully we can finally lay the animation problems to rest.

On the plus side, I have become so fast in creating animations in Maya it’d make your head spin. I had to keep testing things so my shortcuts and familiarity with it are really polished. That will help cut down on animating time if I can build them there, send them to Avastar, and just tweak/export from there.

Fingers crossed.

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