March 29, 2013

29 Mar

I’ve redone the mesh to remove the ears, so they can just be attachments. I think that will work out better in the end. I’ve got fully modeled and nice looking eyes that would be easier now to customize (the UV map for the iris and so forth is easy to understand and repaint.) However, there are a lot of weirdnesses in trying to attach eyes to the bones in Avastar. I’m sure it’s doable, but I need to not let this one thing hold up the whole production, so I’ve put the question for eye procedures up in the Avastar forum and have turned my attention to the rest.

That means, I have a collection of things I am rotating between (when I get tired of one, I move to the other.) These are animations, HUD design, ear building, and rigging improvements. The latter includes testing possibilities with more facial expressions, which I would love to make work as this is an avatar and should be capable of sensitive expression. I hope this works out, but all will be well if it doesn’t.

Again, I have to not get too distracted by bells and whistles and make sure the basic thing is working. After all, I can always add stuff into the updates if I have to.

I’ve also got to get a new hair texture to my helper so he can play with making manes and tails soon… but first, I want to test my attachment layout and make sure he won’t have to throw his work away because I end up changing something.

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