December 17, 2014

17 Dec

So far everything’s working well except for the brows, which I had rigged to the skull attachment bone for expressions. They look great in Blender, but in-world the brows are skewed to the left. The rest of the face is working seamlessly; jaw, lips, smile/frown. I haven’t bothered with making sure the eyes work yet. Currently, I’m building the ear and eyelid attachments and seeing how well they animate.

If all goes well, this should be a pretty expressive avatar, while still looking horsey. There are no humanoid eyebrows to make expressions simple to see, the features are all shaped accurately to a realistic horse. This should really be what a horse would look like if they were using human expressions, which is my aim. That also means some crossover in the other direction; horses have very expressive lips and there will be quite a bit of equine behavior there.

Fingers crossed; it should be pretty cool.

When I make the riding version, naturally these things will not be so important, and I’ll probably leave a lot of these attachment points for attaching gear rather than animating human-like expressions.

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