December 19, 2014

19 Dec

The eyes work, which is nice. I thought I might have more trouble with them than I did, but they follow the eyebones the way they should. It might not be obvious to observers at first because I am using horse-realistic eyeballs; the iris takes up most of the space, so the glances are more subtle than they would be with a smaller iris and large amounts of white showing. I’m happy with it. The eyelids and eyelashes are textured and I think they’re all right for now but I’ll probably tweak them later.

I grabbed a mane and tail that my assistant Aladar made a while back with some of my textures,  and threw it on for work purposes. With some tweaking they might end up being on the final product. For now it helps me understand how I’m going to have the mane follow the rigged neck, and it just keeps the horse looking right.

The thing about the neck is thus:

It is flexible and rigged, and is allowed to move freely as the avatar looks around. The flexy part of the mane is not rigged, but just attached to the center point of the neck. This means that when the neck really arches around, the ends poke through as they stay in a straight line along the crest.

The crest (the top part of the mane) is rigged to follow the neck, just like mesh clothing works. It helps fix the gaps between the flexies and the neck, but it’s not perfect yet. It’s good though, so I think I can improve it to the point where the little glitches just aren’t a big deal.

I’m building the feathers for the fetlocks today. Bummer I can’t transfer the nice ones I made in the test grid, but that’s how it works. Double work sometimes. I’m also working on more of the basic animations since none of my old animations work with the new rig now.

I’ll probably drop in to Frisland today at the SL gathering, even though the avatar isn’t complete, so if you want to come by and see how it’s going and ask some questions, feel free!

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