December 27, 2014

27 Dec

So back a few days ago, I visited the Frisland region and got to meet and remeet some very nice Lindens and other folks who showed up.

I wore the avatar, even though I didn’t have a lot of animations ready for it since the re-skinning. But, the eyelids and ears worked fine, the mane and tail were good enough for the time being, and it was fun just checking out the beautiful location.

Here’s a picture I took, with Vitae posing on my back:

Vitae Rider

Now of course, Holidays are easing up a bit and I can get back to work.

While working on the new walk animation, I found I really did not like the current setup for the hip bones, so I am redoing them. These little tweaks are inevitable as you work on all the ways you will want to pose the avatar, and find some areas that really fail. We can’t have them all be perfect, but I can find the best balance and compromise.

I’ll also be working on the brow weighting again, which I removed for my public outing due to the warping it does when the attachment bone (aSkull) is activated for deformation. If I can get it to work, it will add a lot to the expressions. If not, oh well. Everything else is looking great.

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