December 29, 2014

29 Dec

The brow weighting worked fine this time, no particular reason why. I’ll just chalk it up to the vagaries of importing and exporting from Blender to Second Life.

I had changed the hip structure for the animations, and it worked very well. Not perfect of course – it’s tough working with a skeleton that is designed to represent a human, but it’s satisfactory given the limits. I completed a very nice new walk animation that I’m happy with.

However, I noticed something that has occasionally caused me problems during the entire length of this project. The avatar doesn’t look quite right and doesn’t match the mesh in Blender. It looked right when I went to the Frisland gathering so here are some possibilities:

1) Adding the browbone weighting did something (after all it’s not a supported thing to weight to an attachment point. Weirdness may ensue. However, doing so to the nose and mouth had no effect previously.)

2) Changing the hip structure did something (I find this unlikely as changing the structure is designed not to affect the mesh itself in Avastar. It’s pretty good that way.)

3) There is a step I am missing in Avastar that fixes this. (Quite possible, I am not a Blender or Avastar expert.)

4) This has to do with the worn shapes in SL – the dials and/or the gender. (Possible. This definitely changes the avatar when you fiddle with it. Unfortunately I have, through my own fiddling, not found a setting that looks original.)

Working on that today. I will probably also rebuild the eyes into a more spherical shape. In extreme movement in SL, you can see the edges of the half spheres. I did it to save polycount, but it will need adjusting.

I will also alter the fitted mesh mane crest to be longer down the neck to hide gaps with the flexi prims.

I’m also working on the look and content of the AO. It works perfectly, but I need to build animations of course, and put expression and movement buttons onto the AO for particular things like indicating mood, rearing up, sleeping, lying down, etc. Shouldn’t be any problem to do any of those things but they just take time.

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One response to “December 29, 2014

  1. Fiona Branagh

    December 29, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    As it turns out, the answer is #4. For some reason, the shape I was wearing had changed from female to male. Probably, there was some kind of rollback I was unaware of or who the heck knows. It doesn’t really matter though, as problem solved. Still, it does make me want to get back to building in more shape sliders. I might work on that a bit today to see how useful it will be for this model. It will take a fair amount of work, so it may not be worth it until a later stage, but we shall see. Sometimes you just have to follow the flow of inspiration.


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