January 4, 2015

04 Jan

Crunching out animations and working on the AO, including the design of the HUD. I won’t know for sure what will be included in the final HUD until I’m finished. For now, it looks like a ton of stuff. I’m trying to avoid nested menus because the whole point of a HUD is to have everything in front of your eyes for instant use, so I think anything that doesn’t fit as a button on the HUD or would be part of the maintenance menu (restart, etc.) just won’t be on the HUD at all. It should not take a tutorial to learn how to use this HUD – it should be obvious and fast.

Fixed a glitch in the AO’s handling of the animations. Happy with that, no need for details really, it’s just nice to see things working more smoothly.

I still need to remodel the eyes and the mane crest at some point but that will be a simple thing. I’ll just get around to it when I am sick of animating and need a change of process.

One problem I will need to solve is about the rear leg feathers. They normally would be attached to the lower leg, but since I had to move what that is for a horse (it looks more like the thigh), the feathers attach where they should but follow the animations of the upper thigh instead of the ankle. If I attach it to the foot, I have the problems of losing an attachment point for horseshoes, and it wants to follow the sole of the foot which is not accurate either (imagine a fully flexed ankle, and the feathers tilting forward from the ankle to match the angle of the sole of the foot.)

The solutions I have in mind are the following: 1) find out if there is something I don’t know about adjusting attachment points in Blender that will reassign the rigged bone (I kind of doubt it)  2) make the feathering part of the horse model which would mean it doesn’t flex or change. 3) Figure something else out.

Really doubt #1, hate #2, and hope for #3.

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