January 14, 2015

14 Jan

While messing with some of the more extreme animations like rearing, I decided I really wasn’t satisfied with a couple of the setups. I altered the mesh form slightly around the neck, reducing the thickness of the bottom of the crest a bit and lengthening the back, and redid the weight paint on the neck. While the model now doesn’t have QUITE the extreme massive baroque look it did before on the neck (and believe me, this is a subtle change), he now looks right in the extreme poses and a rider won’t look like they’re being pushed back onto the croup.

While I was fiddling with the mesh, I went ahead and built the mare version for later. She will need slightly different props and animations but I had to build her anyway, so it was a good time to do it and set it aside. She looks elegant but still like a baroque Friesian.

This does of course mean that I am redoing the walking animation and some of the others. Bummer, but that’s part of the process. Each time I do it, it goes faster anyway because I remember what I ended up doing the last time. I also have to rebuild the mane crest to fit the new neck. That’s fine, I was going to adjust it anyway. I’ll probably do that today.

I have a first draft of the HUD appearance done. Leaving that alone for now. I have a functional HUD that I’m testing inworld but it looks really cheap because I don’t care about applying its appearance yet.

So, currently I am building and rebuilding animations, redoing the mesh for the crest and eyeballs (and redoing the UV maps and textures for the eyeballs), and re-coding the eyelids to sit in their new positions a little better.

After that stuff is all done, I’ll make the HUD pretty and functional, and then I’ll run some alpha testing through my helper Aladar. After that, I’ll sell a few models to some selected testers in my group, people who don’t mind beta testing for me and reporting issues without getting freaked out by errors and stuff that is going to be replaced by prettier stuff (like improving the mane.)

Hopefully not too much longer…. 🙂

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