February 19, 2015

19 Feb

I didn’t work on the avatar for about two weeks for various reasons (mostly having to do with needing to do taxes, birthdays, other jobs, etc.) But I’m back on the case. Right now I’m dealing with a bit of an inexplicable issue.

Remember the brow that went all wonky early on, then fixed itself for no reason? It’s wonky again. For no reason that I can determine. Now, I know that the lovely folks that make Avastar will always inform us that if we try weighting the attachment points, all bets are off and it can break things. However, without weighting attachment points, I really can’t make the avatar expressive so I have to take the risk. The problem is that the brow is weighted to the aSkull attachment point, and when I wear it, the eyebrows are yanked to the left by about a foot.

It’s really similar to how weighted attachments points always start by being weirdly skewed, but the moment you animate them, they snap to normal. Only in this case, animations don’t cure it. That’s the weird part. I mean, the mouth and lips that I weighted look just as wonky before I apply an animation, but then voila, they are fixed when they animate. Why not this one?

I’m currently doing really, really boring things that involve going down a problem-solving flow chart to try to figure out this problem. Technically, I could just plow past this by taking the brow functioning away and not allowing some of the really cool facial expressions I had made.

I don’t want to do that, but it is an option. If I can’t figure this out by Monday, that is the option I’m going to take, because you all have been waiting long enough and getting a mostly functional thing out is better than no thing at all. And, I can work on the issue again later after release.

But, I know that expressiveness is key to an avatar so I’ll do my best to figure it out by Monday. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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