February 25, 2015

25 Feb

I’m quite pleased with myself today!

I believe, at this moment, I’ve fixed all the annoying nagging little things I didn’t like about the avatar and all the bugs.

It works, it looks great.

  • The eyes turn perfectly in their sockets.
  • I touched up the body’s texture so it was more exact around the eyes.
  • The eyelids blink, the expressions work, animations are coming out the way I want.
  • The mane works as well as can be expected in SL (basically it works like clothing does, when it is a combination of a rigged part and flexi parts, which means not flawless but a good illusion.)

I do need to add the feathering to the feet, but you know, I’m really leaning toward just making them a rigged shape and calling it good. I used to do them as flexis but I don’t think the movement added that much to the models and there are issues with trying to make them an attachment that I just don’t want to deal with (and it’s nice to leave the attachment points empty for other things.)

So, I’ll do that, and then back to the animations.

Then I’ll switch over to working in the main grid instead of the beta grid, which is where I’ll build the AO’s final form and re-assemble the avatar.

Then I’ll enter into test mode, and after I run it through Aladar’s alpha test, you all can help with the Beta if you want. This will mean you can buy the avatar, but there will be no documentation other than a brief notecard, there will probably be problems with it, and you can tell me what those are so I can fix them (and without anyone getting irate about there being bugs at this stage, right???)

Then I’ll write up the new documentation, translate it into a few languages, package it up, and away we go!

(Then I’ll add other stuff… like a riding saddle/vehicle, tack, texture options, etc. but really they can wait for a later phase.)

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