Back in 2016

30 Dec

So you all may have noticed that I got stopped again in 2015. It’s unfortunately the byproduct of not having a high paying job, so when temp work pops up, I have to take it. When that happens, I stop working in SL because it’s pretty tough to stay focused on it when 10 other projects are happening.

However, I’ve learned… I hope. I am pretty certain now that it is impossible for me to work through the summer and I absolutely have to finish whatever I’m doing before the late spring arrives or I’m out of luck for the year. Denial has been strong about this.

So the focus is on – and with the new Bento skeleton available, I am working right now on the re-skinning. This will solve many of the problems I’ve discussed in the blog up until now so I’m pretty excited to just roll it all out.

Currently I’m working on adding eyelids to the main mesh that simply animate instead of the prim eyelids I was using that were coded separately, and of course, adding a tail to the mesh instead of having it separate also. Next will be working with the new facial expression bones.

Thank you to all who write to me with encouragement and understanding. If only Second Life were my First Job, I could get things finished a heck of a lot faster.

See you around the grid…


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Posted by on December 30, 2015 in Work Log


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