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Updates (August 28, 2016)

There was a lot of waiting on errors in Bento and in Avastar, and still is. Currently I’m waiting on a fix to the facial deformations going on because it looks like something I have no control over.

In the meantime, I am working on the other project I may have mentioned – it’s the riding version. I’ve seen some other folks doing their riding versions that will likely be similar to mine so the secret is not really a secret anymore and that’s fine!

This requires adapting the bento skeleton to both the avatar doing the riding, and the horse. The extra bones make this easier but by no means simple. One of the big issues is a real lack of attachment points to distribute to the horse. I am working on the best solutions to that.

I suspect this will be done before the avatar because I won’t have to worry about mucking around with the face or other tricky avatar issues; I mainly just have to get the horse to move in a simple but effective manner for riding purposes without extra layers of emoting.

The main trick, like I said, will be dealing with attachments and experimenting with the interface to put it on, take it off, control, etc.

At least this, I feel like I can just get to work and not wait endlessly for fixes. No insult meant to SL or Avastar; they are doing great work, it just takes time.


I might eventually move this over to Facebook. I have a tendency to forget to check blogs, and I already have to check FB for a lot of other things. We shall see. So if I miss your comment, my apologies! I’m bad at seeing them.


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Land for rent

Oh yeah, and I have about half of my island available to rent. I don’t make money off it (I charge what I would pay for it), with the requirement that it stay reasonably low prim/script (50% capacity) and reasonably matches the mood of the island. That would include farms, woods, old-timey stuff (from Victorian to Medieval), and no strip malls or anything of that nature. It’s important that people can ride my horses without lag from your side of the sim. Probably the best way to contact me about this would be here, because I get completely bombarded with messages and notes in SL.


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Since Blogetery’s sudden demise axed my old blog, I have to start a new one. This one is going to stay a bit bare bones for the time being, because I’m mainly focusing my energy on the new horse model.

So a quick recap: Yes, I know I’ve been absent a long time. I don’t like to get into RL stuff too much in SL, but I can sum up like this: imagine some really bad stuff that can happen to a person’s life. Imagine that several of those happened to me in a row. Add in spotty access to computers, internet, and my building tools (and useful levels of sanity) and you have no updates for over a year to my products in Second Life. I’m honestly very sorry about all that but there wasn’t much I could do at the time.

So now I am back, catching up with my programs, what’s going on in SL, what people want in a horse these days, and working on a new version.

I figured it would be best to start with a new version because 1) MESH IS HERE  2) It will make it so much easier to set up the new version for add-ons like tack, skins, etc.  3) It won’t divide my time between starting new projects and maintaining old.

However, it’s critical for me to try to support my customers (my long hiatus notwithstanding), so I figure if you have one of my old friesians, I’ll give a new one free. It’s the least I can do. Same with the other breeds, so if you are wondering if you should wait before you get one, the answer is no. Get one now, play with it, enjoy it, and you’ll still get the new version without wasting money.

Yeah, I know it’s not the best money making decision for me, but I feel it’s the least I can do for my customers, especially the ones that have waited a LONG time.

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