Here we go, stuff I like!

Second Life: Obviously!

Avastar: The very handy add-on for Blender, which is designed to work with SL avatars. Good work, folks.

Catnap Kitty’s Blog: This particular post is about learning how to make your humanoid avatar realistically proportioned. Catnap has a lot of good advice like this for Second Life, I advise browsing her site.

Sae Luan: Mostly goth-alternative stuff for SL, but also some great tutorials such as how to build rigged clothing. Unfortunately this site has the old 1990’s fetish for autoplay music; find the ‘pause’ button on the upper left music bar. Be warned, in case you are at work or a place where you don’t want sound to suddenly burst out of your device. Well worth it to check out the tutorials.

The Digital Pasture: Penny Patton’s very good blog about SL, RP environments, and games. This particular post is about a subject very dear to my heart: scaling in Second Life. Preach on, Penny!

Red9 Studio: This is the most useful and amazing stuff for your Maya pipeline. The animation tools are the kind of important basics that SHOULD be in the program already, but aren’t, such as mirroring your poses. This is all free, so donate if you can, and enjoy. Smithmicro needs to hire Mark Jackson. READ THE DOCUMENTATION. It really does work if you follow the procedures.


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