Not much here yet. I’ll just include new ones as I complete them, though of course my old products are still available (for now…)

Anyway, I am currently working on a new Friesian mesh model, a baroque style stallion, which I will first test as an avatar and then turn into a riding horse. It’s my intent to make a baroque mare and also the more modern style of the breed known as the ‘sport’ Friesian. All avatars will be customizable, but riding horses will remain strictly adherant to breed. I may make a ‘generic riding horse’ that is customizable. We shall see!

After the Friesian will come the updated sporthorse, so my past customers can all upgrade for free, and then on to new things.

Friesian Avatar (Baroque Stallion)

Mesh completed. (Land Impact (LI) as currently tested is about 300. Not that it matters for an avatar, but just info about the model.)

UV unwrapping completed.

Texture completed.

LODs done.

Uploaded object to barn for viewing purposes. Mane and tail will likely change but looks relatively decent for display.

Reskinned mesh using currently available bones and volume attachments. Occasionally tweaking them still.

Building animations and AO.


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