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May 30, 2016

So with much fiddling and reworking, I seem to have the skinning and weighting for the rig that I want to use. There are definitely some pros and cons with the new skeleton.


  • I was able to work in more bones for the neck. This will help with posing and attaching manes properly.
  • The tail and eyelids are now part of the mesh and the blinking and tail movements will be natural and animated instead of script-translated objects.
  • Expressions are a lot more functional now with all the new face bones.


  • In order to work in the extra neck bones, I was unable to properly connect the eyes so that they move naturally like an avatar’s to the focal point. If you want to know why, here’s why:

Feedback on the Eye Issue

  • In order to use the facial animations, you CANNOT fiddle with the appearance sliders. Customers are just going to understand that we currently can’t do anything about this. Here’s why:

Feedback on Slider-Animation Incompatibility

Overall though, the pros are far better than the cons so I am happy and plugging along with new animations!

Here’s a clip of how nice the blinking looks now.

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