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So here we are in May!

It looks to me like the new skeleton for Project Bento is in a very workable state. I LOVE the new bones that have been added, and I’m pretty darned excited about experimenting with the best way to use them for the horse avatar. Medhue Animations put out a video on a new way of managing the new bones in ways that make it easier to animate – it’s going to be included below for anyone interested in knowing more about that. Thanks everyone, who put that idea together! It will definitely come in handy.

So now I am back to work at reskinning the horse. I don’t foresee any particular problems and I’ll keep y’all informed.

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December 10, 2014

Sometimes I hate to post about what I’m working on because it could just fail utterly and then it seems a waste to get people’s hopes up. But I figure, that’s what this blog is for. It’s the process, warts and all.

Currently I am working on reskinning. I think so far it looks FAR better than my old version, and moves very well. The main bones look great, so now I am working on expressions, eyeblinks, eyes, and ears.

There are a lot of ways to go about these things so I’m going to try some and see what happens. If they don’t work, I’ll go back to another method. For example, some things can be rigged to attachment points or extra bones. Some things can be worn as attachments and animated. So far, for the ears, I think I am doing them as attachments because I’ve never been happy with the range of motion the extra bones give (or really, don’t give) the ears. I think they will be much more expressive animated separately and fully as their own objects.

Eyes, I’m just rigging to the eyebones. Eyelashes may end up being attached or rigged. I kind of like the attachment idea though, because anything that is rigged is going to have to be moved through avatar animations. Great, right? Not when a bunch of them are stacking up, and things like blinking and ear twitches would be a lot of animation calls. I suspect it’s going to keep things a lot cleaner if I can separate those out.

We shall see!


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